Best Bar None: At.Mosphere

Host of Workforce Requests on 104.4 Virgin Radio Simone Heng on her favourite haunt At.Mosphere at the Burj Kalifa

At what point did you realise At.Mosphere was your favourite UAE spot?
I was going through a break up and I went up there on my birthday two days later with two of my best girlfriends. I realised the view of the city was totally uplifting and that the venue is just as perfect for chilling with girlfriends as it is for a romantic evening (which is what it was originally booked for). I also love the great hostess girls who are very warm when you enter.

What does this bar have that other bars don’t?
The view! Hello! Tallest tower in the world, tallest restaurant on the planet! Now that’s something to write home to Mum about. Which I would’ve, had she not read it on my blog first and asked me why I didn’t tell her. See what happens when parents get the internet?

What’s your best memory of the place?
I went there for one of my good girlfriend’s birthday drinks and it was so festive and really gave me the feeling that it was a special occasion setting.

Have you ever done anything there that you shouldn’t have?
Of course not! Except I went to the loo 500 times just to take pics of the amazing view from the glass-panelled toilet. You can take the girl out of Perth but you can’t take Perth out of the girl.

What’s the best bar story you ever heard there?
Umm that would be totally breaking the trust of good female friends.

Rate the crowd out of 10 for attractiveness, with 1 being Britney Spears and Jason Trawick and 10 being Brad and Ange…
It’s so cool to see variety. There are chic fashionistas in the shortest of minis to men in full national dress. The crowd are well groomed! I’d say they’re 8 to 10s but I am a hypercritical Asian… maybe they are all 11s?

When are you most likely to be found here?
Weeknight drinks after the toughest of days.

What’s your favourite drink?
My girlfriend put me on to this, Hendricks Gin (taste of cucumbers) and soda water. It’s low in calories but as refreshing as an ice tea with the alcoholic value of a lot more.

If you were to sum up this place in three words, what would they be?
Chic, inspirational and romantic

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