MTV Awkward's Star Ashley Rickard Chats to Ahlan!

There’s nothing like a bit of American high-school drama, and Awkward is one of our fave shows. The third series is now on UAE TV and we caught up with star Ashley Rickards, 21, who plays Jenna
BySarah SwainMonday , 04 November 2013
Another Awkward moment for Ashley
Another Awkward moment for Ashley
We wanna join the gang!
We wanna join the gang!

What can we expect from season three of Awkward?
This season takes a darker turn and Jenna will go to an emotional level that she has never gone to before. As an actress, I’m super excited to portray my character going through this.

Were your own high-school years anything like Jenna’s?
Well, I graduated high school at 15, so it’s not like my high school experience at all, which I’m grateful for because the awkward moments that Jenna has to go through are painful enough to portray, let alone live in real life!

Did you know any mean girls like Sadie?
Yeah, there was this one girl who pretended to be my friend only so she
could humiliate me behind my back. 

Is life at American high schools really like it seems on TV?
Life in American high schools varies state by state, but Awkward is a pretty realistic interpretation of it!
Why do you think Awkward has been such a hit?

I think Awkward has been such a hit because Jenna is so relatable. The experiences she goes through are ordinary and most people have experienced something like it before.
What’s the most awkward situation you’ve ever been in?

I was in [American shop] Target once and I asked if they had season one of  Awkward on DVD and the sales clerk responded, ‘Oh that’s that girl on MTV?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, ha ha’ and he responded: ‘My girlfriend says I only watch the show because the lead girl is hot’ and I said ‘Aw, thank you!’ to which he replied ‘What?!’ I should have worn make-up…

What was your fave teen TV show as a kid?
Degrassi because it’s Canadian.

Which of her two love interests, Matty or Jake, do you think Jenna should choose?
I wouldn’t choose either one because I’m not Jenna. I would tell her to follow her heart. Sometimes learning has to be done the hard way.

We hear you have a movie in the pipeline?
Yes, I just finished filming Haunted House 2 and I’m working on my book, Get your S*** Together, which will be out in 2015.

What are your ambitions?
I want to inspire girls. I would also like to visit the Maldives and Dubai!


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