6 Women Who Shape the World

6 Women Who Shape the World

Meet six UAE heroes who are changing lives - it's time to be inspired

Arpana Shetty - Putting Others First

Former Marriage and Family Therapist Arpana Shetty works for Gulf for Good as a Charity Administrator and has her sights set on establishing her own Non-Profit one day. Arpana and her husband both turn 30 this year but instead of throwing a huge birthday bash, they signed up for the Gulf for Good Borneo Challenge, asking friends and family to support their fund raising.

“I’d been looking for the opportunity to work with a Non-Profit ever since I moved to Dubai four years ago.

“My motivation comes from a friend who ate from garbage bins as a child. He got the right support at the right time and today he is a well to do doctor giving back to society.

“We always talk about making a difference in the world, but rarely do we get off our backsides to do something about it. G4G gave me the chance to put these words into action. Ever since I have started working with G4G, I have become so much more aware. I have started sponsoring medications for a sick needy child, and I contribute towards a school being built for poor children in a village in India.” And where possible Arpana likes to take a hands on approach and meet the people they are helping face to face. “Visiting the refugee camps in Lebanon last year was one of the most moving experiences I have had in a long time. Some of the children have multiple life threatening diagnoses and yet they continue to fight with smiles on their faces. It makes you admire their strength and puts your life into perspective.”

What She Wants You To Know
“Always look for the silver lining. As someone once said, ‘Have a good day…or not…the choice is yours!’”

Her Stay Healthy Secret
“Eat well and play hard. I work out twice a week with Crossfit Lifespark (lifesparkcoaching. com), go kayaking on a Friday morning or join in a G4G training session.”

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