360° Gets Ready to Rock Again

360° Gets Ready to Rock Again

The renovated hot spot will reopen with a launch party on 11 October
360° Gets Ready to Rock Again
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Dubai’s most famous bar 360° is finally reopening! The venue, which is famed for its music events, has been closed since the start of summer for renovations and will open in October with a brand new design, including two levels of indoor and outdoor space plus added bar areas, tables and seating. The style is modern and minimalistic, with a glass staircase suspended above the water and state-of-the-art music systems on each level.

The menu has also seen an update with pan-Asian cuisine and a music-themed cocktail list includes drinks such as Nu Funk, Sunshine Soul and Unforgettably Retro. As for music, resident DJs and promoters will be DJ Tristain Bain, AudioTonic, Infusion, Restrospect and Must Have Soul. See you at the launch event on 11 October!

INFO: 360° Bar, Lounge and Club, 04 406 8999, 360degrees@jumeirah.com, www.jumeirah.com.

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