“Convulsing, Shaking, Barely Conscious!” Demi Moore

Demi Moore hits rock bottom with her collapse - is this the last straw for her career?
Tuesday , 31 January 2012
“Convulsing, Shaking, Barely Conscious!” Demi Moore
Demi Moore

As the impact of Demi Moore’s meltdown hits her kids hard, and daughter Tallulah goes to stay with her father Bruce Willis, the Ghost star is struggling to get her life back on track amid rumours of eating disorders and addiction. Usually driven by work, Demi’s health issues have derailed her career, and she’s unable to continue with her current film role, which has been snapped up by Sarah Jessica Parker. But how did it all go so wrong for Hollywood’s coolest cougar?

The Shocking 911 Call
On Monday 23 January, two months after splitting up with Ashton Kutcher, Demi was rushed to LA’s Sherman Oaks Hospital after she collapsed at her home while throwing a party. Demi’s publicist blamed the collapse on “exhaustion” due to “stresses in her life right now”, but the leaked 911 call revealed the real reasons behind the collapse.

Paramedics received the frantic call from one of Demi’s house guests stating that the actress was “convulsing” and “semi-conscious”. According to the caller she had smoked something “similar to incense” and was “shaking, convulsing and burning up”.

During the call a man in the background asked ‘Ru’ for help in allowing paramedics access to Demi’s home, leading people to believe the actress’ daughter Rumer, 23, witnessed her mother’s dramatic collapse.

Anorexia and Addiction
Following hospital treatment, Demi was admitted to a special facility for further care. During the disturbing 911 the caller had also revealed that the 49-year-old actress “has been having some issues lately” and it’s alleged the mother of three is receiving treatment for anorexia after replacing food with caffeine-based energy drinks.

Demi’s drastic weightloss since separating from Ashton has hit the headlines and left the actress looking gaunt and fragile – it was the first visible sign of her spiralling health. A friend of the actress told The Sun newspaper, “Demi avoids alcohol and instead drinks tons of Red Bull when she goes out. In recent months she’s not been eating much, so she’s been drinking it in the day to give her energy to get through.”

Kids Rocked By Meltdown
The impact of Demi’s meltdown on her kids must weigh heavy on the star. Her three children with ex-hubby Bruce Willis have all been affected by the shocking turn of events. Tallulah was living at home with Demi, but since the incident she’s reportedly been staying with her father; the teenager was set to celebrate her 18th birthday on 3 February.

Rumer was pictured looking pale and distraught outside her mother’s room at the care facility, but it was not known if her little sister Scout, 20, who is studying at Brown University, had even returned to visit her mother. Scout’s bad behaviour hit the headlines in December after she posed for a risqué shoot suggesting that, for her, rebellion could actually involve following in her mother’s footsteps.

T’Town’s Reaction
Demi’s famous friends have been wishing her well via Twitter. Hip-hop guru Russell Simmons tweeted, “Thoughts and prayers to Demi Moore.” Eva Longoria said, “Sending my love and support to one of the most beautiful people I know.” Actress Marlee Matlin wrote, “Let’s give Demi Moore some space and time. Send her good thoughts.” Ashton, 33, wrote nothing.

As Demi was being hospitalised, Ash was partying in Brazil, but returned to LA after the news of Demi’s collapse broke. Despite being completely suurounded by a frenzied media mob at LAX, Ash didn’t say a word. It is unknown if he visited Demi. A friend told People magazine, “Ashton is deeply concerned for Demi. He still cares about her and wants the best for her.”

Demi ended her six-year marriage to Ashton after he allegedly cheated on her with 22-year-old Sara Leal on their sixth wedding anniversary.

The Final Straw
Since the split, Demi had seemed to be getting on with her life and was rumoured to be dating new toy boy, 26-year-old model Blake Corl-Baietti. She had even managed to land the coveted part of Gloria Steinem in the upcoming biopic Lovelace when good roles in Hollywood are notoriously hard to find for actresses over 40 – a fact Demi is painfully aware of.

Sadly, Demi’s post-split recovery has been stopped in its tracks. Sarah Jessica Parker has stepped in to star in Lovelace and in the fiercely competitive film business this could prove to be the last straw for Demi.

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